Your home is one of your most valuable assets and should be properly maintained and safe for you, your family and visitors.
Most home owners never get up into their attics, on the roof or into a crawlspace so they do not know what safety hazards are actively occurring in their home.

A Verbal Home Safety Evaluation includes a verbal walk through of the major components of the home including the exterior, roof, attic, basement/crawlspace and all mechanical systems for $300.

A Home Safety Evaluation includes a written report of the following:

  • Roof inspection for damage, hail, age concerns, gutter condition
  • Attic inspection for moisture concerns, insulation issues, pest concerns
  • Exterior Siding Inspection for concerns with paint, caulking, and overall condition of the siding material.
  • Foundation Inspection for visible concerns, settlement issues, grading or drainage issues
  • Crawlspace/Basement Inspection for moisture issues, pest concerns
  • Heating and Cooling System Inspection for age, performance or maintenance concerns
  • Plumbing System Inspection for any visible leaks and evaluation of water heater age and condition
  • Electrical Safety Inspection including test of GFCI outlets for safety, inspection of electric panel interior, and any visible electrical concerns
  • Smoke Alarm and CO Detector Inspection and testing
  • Garage Door Inspection and Test for safety concerns